tea-and-a-ukulele asked: "Hi Noelle, I'm a new reader of Nimona, and I apologise if you've answered this before, but once Nimona is complete, do you think you'll ever release more content based in that universe? Be it a sequel of similar length, or shorter comics using the characters?"


I have no plans for a sequel right now, but there are a few short comics I’d love to do in the time between the end of the webcomic and the release of the book in the spring, namely Gay Dads and maybe some Blitzmeyer stuff! We’ll see :)



one of the greatest pixar moments; a family thats ok with you coming 2nd 

they were hiding their identities as superheros not making a statement

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i cant wait for tony to meet bucky


i cant wait for tony to meet bucky

harry potter meme [7/10 characters]: Cedric Diggory 

"Remember that and Cedric Diggory will not have died in vain, you remember that! And we’ll celebrate a boy who was kind and honest and brave and true right to the very end.”

ooo I am SO close to having my pokedex for X completely filled up! i’m at 148 in each of the three Kalos dexes

i’m frustrated though because I tried to do a touch-trade with someone i’d done a few trades with before, but it went south. i traded him my Rhydon holding a protector so it would evolve into a Rhyperior — the issue is that he didn’t trade it back!! my message was ‘Touch trade w me!’ and he gave me a ‘Nice!’ when he asked me to trade, so I thought that was his plan. but now he has my Rhyperior and i don’t know how to ask him to give it back. the only up side is that he gave me a Zygarde, so i’m hoping to use that to find a new rhyperior

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me when I work out

which episode of game of thrones is this

all of them


501. Muggleborns accidentally calling Dumbledore “Gandalf”.

Margaery Tyrell + tumblr text posts


A Date in Amsterdam

I always wanted to illustrate Hazel and Gus’s dinner date, plus my degree in architecture is over and I now have too much free time on my hands, so not only did I do a triptych, but I also decided to animate them, cinemagraph-style. To see the still versions, go to my deviantart here.

P.S. This is my first time making gifs! 

P.P.S. I’m thinking of taking the plunge and putting my prints up on Society6 or something, so I wonder if anyone’s interested? Of course, I’ll probably have to build up a sizeable amount of art first.

I had wings once. They were strong.

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Steve Rogers isn’t a hero because he’s Captain America

Captain America is a hero because he’s Steve Rogers